FIRMWARE v2.42b7
Updated on september 10, 2014 in NEWTON 32bit
4 on september 8, 2014

Basecam electronics just released the version 2.42b7 and its a welcome updated that adds alot of new features and stability to the system. And its now also fully compatible with Mac!

If you want a free service and help with installing this firmware, Contact me ( and we arrange it for you.

If you feel that you have the skills to make this update on your own and familiar with the SBGC, follow the steps below (But I strongly reccomend you send your unit here for the upgrade and free service):

– – You will need a working internet connection and link (USB or Bluetooth) to your NEWTON – –

1. Connect to your NEWTON, and take a note of your IMU orientation. You will need this to see what version of orientation you have. the Camera IMU orientation is the same on both but the Frame IMU orientation differs.
If your Frame IMU orientation is Y / X you have versio 1.0, if its X / Y you have version 1.2 (you can also see this if your NEWTON Controller Box has a sticker in the back with this info)

2. Download firmware and GUI

3. Download the Manual, always good to read before you start doing changes to the settings.

4. Download the default profiles that match your IMU orientation version (right click to download) :

IMU orientation v1.0
NEWTON 32BIT FREE – 2.42b7 – IMU1.0
NEWTON 32BIT FOLLOW – 2.42b7 – IMU1.0

IMU orientation v1.2
NEWTON 32BIT FREE – 2.42b7 – IMU1.2
NEWTON 32BIT FOLLOW – 2.42b7 – IMU1.2

5. Run the 2.42b7 GUI, select the matching COM port (USB or Bluetooth) and connect.

6. Select the ”Upgrade” tab.

7. Click ”CHECK”

8. You should now get an alert telling you that there is an update avaiable (2.42 b7), click ”Go to upgrade…

9. Click ”UPGRADE”

10. Check the ”I agree with license terms…” and click ”SKIP” (or fill in your email and country and click ”OK” if you like to get newsletter)

11. Now the new firmware will be down loaded and written to board.

12. now load the matching profiles you downloaded and do a frame and camera IMU ACC and GYRO calibration if needed.

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0 on september 9, 2014

Working well on our units.

Don’t forget to check your IMU orientation, and if the Yaw is inverted or not !

Thx Guffe !

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2 on september 10, 2014

After upgrading the firmware I have an error message saying ”Motor is missing a step”

on september 10, 2014

Have you checked your IMU Orientation on The camera AND frame IMU and inverted your Yaw ?

I got this message previously cause my IMU Orientation was inverted.

Try switching between XY and YX, it should be solving your issue.

on september 10, 2014

Hi Mat!
Sometimes after FW upgrade you might to do some ”clean up”

Try if thsese steps will help you.

1. Connect to your NEWTON 32BIT with GUI
2. Click ”motors on/off”
3. Select ”erase EEPROM” from the ”Board” menu, then after restart ”Reset to defaults”

4. Go to the ”Advanced” tab and set ”Sensor > Frame IMU” to ”Below YAW”
5. Click ”Write”
6. Go to the ”Basic” menu
7. Set ”Sensor > Axis TOP” to ”Y” and ”Sensor > Right” to ”X” (If no v1.2 sticker on the box)
8. Click ”Write”
9. Do simple ACC and GYRO calib. for Frame IMU and Camera IMU.
10. Load the profiles in the post abow (IMU orientation v1.0), click Write.
11. Click ”motors on/off”

Now test if its stable, if its ok, do a 6p Camera IMU calibration both Gyro and ACC.
If not, do the same but with IMU orientation v1.2.



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0 on september 10, 2014

I tried to inverse it, the gimbal is going crazy. 

Before updating it, it was almost working ok. Now with the new version, the profiles are loading ok but the gimbal is going crazy with the setting if you go to much on the right or the left side. (and doesn’t come back stable) 
I might be missing something…
Any idea about how to make it work correctly ? 

Thanks for your quick support

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